Singapore’s Jurong Innovation District and the future Nanotechnology Applications

Singapore’s urban and infrastructure consultancy Surbana Jurong unveiled the latest campus for its global headquarters in the upcoming Jurong Innovation District (JID). The 68,915 square feet Surbana Jurong Campus will be completed by 2021 and expected to accommodate up to 4,000 employees.

With the opening of the upcoming new Surbana Jurong Campus, some nanotechnology-related investments will also be introduced including the so-called “Li-Fi” technologies which uses natural light to transmit data, resulting in faster speeds.    We noted in a August 10 2017 online article on Nanowerk News that there have been experiments conducted by Singapore’s A*Star that seeks to improve the transmission of Li-Fi signals using an indium gallium nitride (InGaN) LED material that functions as an effective data receiver.

We noted that there are several private, public-listed entities and academic institutions that are working on or rolling out Li-Fi technologies, and the following chart shows that number of patents filed by these institutions.


According to Li-Fi was first developed by Professor Harald Haas, a researcher from United Kingdon’s University of Edinburgh. After a Ted talk in 2011, he formed a company called Pure LiFi that seeks to actively research on the applications of this technology. Since then, while Huawei was said to have been assigned the first patent in 2006, Samsung owns the largest number of patents at 26. However, despite the growth potential of Li-Fi, many are not expecting it to overtake Wi-Fi at any moment.

Separately, we shall continue to discuss about weekly technical chart observations of the stock price movements of Nanometrics Incorporated (NANO)

Latest Updates for Nanometrics during the trading week (Week beginning Monday, January 14, 2019)

Source: Yahoo! Finance (January 18, 2019)

The above chart shows the one-year daily chart of Nasdaq listed Nanometrics Inc. (NANO). The counter closed on Friday, January 18, 2019 at the price of US$29.41 or 82 Singapore cents or 2.87 per cent for the day.

Looking at the chart, we laid out three simple moving averages (SMAs), and the purple (50-day MA) has shown a “Dead Cross” signal since it crossed below the 100-day MA (black line) in mid-October 2018.

However, we noted that there appears to be a rebound above the resistance line of close to US$30 which also needs the tail-end of the 50-day MA line. In our previous article, we noted that if the upward momentum continues to hold on, we think that there could be a continued short-term momentum to move to US$35.00. However, if the trend fails to break above US$30 and falls back from the existing levels, it might drop below to US$20.

We shall continue to monitor and update all readers. Stay tuned!!

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