Nanotechnology Companies (Public)

NameDescriptionHolding StatusRevenueFiscal Year ReportStock Market SymbolStock Exchange
Industrial NanotechThermal insulation coatings based on porous particlesPublic$ 779,0002015INTKOTCMKTS
MicroMEM TechnologiesIntegrated MEMS sensor platformsPublic$ 02016MMTIFOTCMKTS
American SuperconductorWind turbine design and electronics, grid support hardware, and superconducting wiresPublic$ 96,023,0002016AMSCNASDAQ
OCI CompanyDiversified fine chemicals company, producer of vacuum insulation panels using fumed silicaPublic$ 2,563,823201610060KRX
DAIS AnalyticPolymer membranes for water distillation, HVAC, and supercapacitorsPublic$ 2,200,0002016DLYTOTCMKTS
DSM NeoResinsPolymer nanoparticle additives for composites, coatings, and adhesivesPublic$ 7,920,0002016DSMEuronext Amsterdam
Nano Dimension3D printing of circuit boards and conductive inksPublic$ 57,8002016NNDM.TATel Aviv Stock Exchange
CeaproSpray-drying technology for nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and therapeuticsPublic$ 13,674,0002016CZOCVE
MyDxPortable electronic nose-base chemical analyzersPublic$ 808,176,0002016MYDXOTCMKTS
AvadelPolymer-based technology platforms for delivery of large and small moleculesPublic$ 150,200,0002016AVDLNASDAQ
Microfluidics InternationalMicrofluidic equipment for producing nanomaterials for targeting and delivery of activesPublic
NanoCarrierDrug reformulation using micelle nanoparticlesPublic$ 2,055,00020174571.TTokyo Stock Exchange
Nanogate TechnologiesCeramic nanoparticles and intermediatesPublic$ 112,452,0002016N7GXetra
Nanophase TechnologiesCeramic nanoparticles and intermediatesPublic$ 10,800,0002016NANXOTCMKTS
NaturalNanoHalloysite nanotubes for polymer composite and controlled-release applicationsPublic$ 276,0972015NNANOTCBB
ObducatNanoimprint lithography (NIL) and electron-beam equipmentPublic$ 7,482,9702016OBDFrankfurt Stock Exchange
OxonicaMetal- and metal oxide-based nanoparticles and intermediatesPublic$ 160,1542016
pSividaTargeted delivery and controlled release of drugs for eye diseases and post-surgical orthopedicsPublic$ 3,473,0002014PSDVNASDAQ
StarpharmaDendrimer-based microbicides, transfection reagents, drug-delivery vehicles, and water purificationPublic$ 3,037,0002016SPLASX
Advance NanotekNanostructured materials developer and producerPublic$ 3,969,6972017ANOASX
Nanoco TechnologiesCd-free quantum dotsPublic$ 1,794,0002017NANOLON
A123 SystemsLithium iron phosphate batteries for transportation applicationsPublic
NVE Corp.Electronic devices based on spintronicsPublic$ 28,326,1962017NVECNASDAQ
Altair NanotechnologiesHigh-power lithium titanate batteries for grid, transportation, and industrial applicationsPublic
Cap-XXThin supercapacitors with electrodes of nanoporous carbonPublic$ 3,225,6982017CPXLON
Raymor IndustriesSingle-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) and graphene producerPublic
Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V.Produces metals and develops metallurgical solutions in energy, aerospace, infrastructure and specialty metals and chemicalsPublic$ 971,100,0002016AMGEuronext Amsterdam
SurModicsDrug-delivery materials, medical device coatings, implants, and other applicationsPublic$ 71,366,0002016SRDXNASDAQ
NanoViricidesNanostructured antiviral therapeutics for influenza and other infectious diseasesPublicNNVCNYSE
IntermolecularHigh-productivity combinatorial platform to accelerate research and developmentPublic$ 47,298,0002016IMINASDAQ
California NanotechnologiesCeramic-reinforced aluminum alloy powders and partsPublic$ 543,5342017CNOCVE
Veloxis PharmaceuticalsDrugs and delivery system for immunosuppression, cardiovascular disease, and other indicationsPublic$ 9,194,0002016VELOOMX
EcoloCap SolutionsLi-ion batteries and alternative fuel production, utilizes advanced nanotechnology to design, develop, manufacture and sell cleaner alternative energy products.PublicECOSOTCMKTS
PCI BiotechLight-activated compound for targeted delivery of proteins, nucleic acids, and small moleculesPublic$ 1,339,4002016PCIB.OLOslo Stock Exchange
Next-Alternative Inc.Using nanotechnology to emulsify diesel and heavy fuel oilPublic
Nano Dimension3D printing of circuit boards and conductive inksPublic$ 273,000NNDMNASDAQ
Quantum Materials CorporationQuantum dot manufacturerPublic$ 240,8352016QTMMOTCMKTS
Magnolia SolarThin Film Solar CellsPublic
Nano One MaterialsNanostructured cathode materials for Li-ion batteriesPublicNNOCVE
Hybrid PlasticsMaking aerospace plastics lighter, stronger and more resistant to heat through molecular cages that could combine silicon and carbon compounds (POSS)Public
Haydale Graphene IndustriesDevelops and sells functionalized nanomaterials and SiC fiber additivesPublic$ 4,147,4502017HAYDLON

Nanotechnology and Quantum Physics are related fields. Schroedinger's Cat paradox is a synonym for Quantum Physics due to the superposition principle. connects Nanotechnology with the financial market. Research in Nanotechnology has to make the transition into the markets. It will change the global economy if research is taken into the economy. There have been many advances in Nanotechnology but no breakthrough into the market. That is why research and economics and also the stock market have to be connected. Read about Stock market news and headlines in nanotechnology or discuss your ideas in the forum.

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